Creating a Successful YouTube Video is the endeavor of every beginner or professional content creator on this platform. A successful YouTube video means more views and popularity on the channel, which directly affects the increase in profits.

You may think that a successful YouTube video is expensive or needs to rely on professionals in areas such as design or photography, but this is not true. The methods that professionals rely on in the content industry to provide a successful YouTube video that beginners in this field can easily apply.

YouTube video

 The term “successful YouTube video” may be somewhat general because success measures differ from one video to another, in general. Nevertheless, several basic factors must be present in any YouTube video in order for it to come out attractive and be popular with the followers of the channels on this platform.

There are technical factors such as sound and image quality, and others related to the way content is presented and how long it is displayed. Most of these factors are easy to take into account even if you do not have much experience in the content industry.

In this article, we show you top tips from professionals for creating a successful YouTube video that will help you easily increase your channel's revenue.

Professional tips for creating a successfulYouTube video are usually divided into two parts, a section related to content and another section related to presenting the content from a technical point of view, and here we will address the two sections in detail.

First, tips for creating successful YouTube content

1. Draw your channel content plan smartly from the beginning.

Your channel content is what controls the content of your YouTube video in general, so drawing your channel content plan will help you find ideas for your videos. 

The channel content step is related to its field, so what is the field of your channel?

Determining the scope of your YouTube channel is closely related to the target audience, which can be considered the main success factor for your channel.

Your YouTube video may have a good picture and sound, and an attractive style of displaying the content, but without targeting a specific audience, all your efforts will be wasted.

How do you define your target audience? There are several different ways to do this, the easiest of which is to put yourself in the place of your target audience, note that you are considered a target audience for other content creators, meaning that your interests can guide the process of determining the content of your channel and your target audience.

If you find it difficult to determine your target audience or the field of your channel, you can be guided by answering the following questions to solve this dilemma:

  • What is your field of interest? The field may be economic, technical, sports, or related to one of the arts, such as movie reviews, and so on.

  • What are the details of your interest in this field (methods of investment in the economic field – phone reviews in the technical field).

  • How will the YouTube videos you watch in this field benefit you or help you? (Help you with a purchase decision, for example).

By answering these questions, you will reach your target audience easily. Let's assume now that you will specialize in providing economic content because your audience is looking for news in this field.

Your YouTube videos will be directed to provide a specific benefit, which is (for example) providing advice and explaining ways to invest in a field. Your target audience expects, after watching your YouTube videos, to obtain general knowledge about the methods available to invest in this field at the present time.

Now you can easily draw the plan on which your channel's general content will be based. The plan may include 

  • The number of YouTube videos you want to create each period (according to the time available to you and the nature of the content itself).

  • The content of these YouTube videos.

  • The goal of each YouTube video.

  • The benefit that you will provide to your followers through the content you provide in general and the benefit of each video in particular.

Draw a plan for the content that you will publish on your channel based on the above points. Of course, the nature of the content may cause a change in the plan in terms of increasing or decreasing the number of videos or even changing their content, but in general, any changes to the plan will not be radical changes.

The plan will help you organize the process of publishing your content. Note that at the beginning of your creation of the channel, you will have to publish periodically to attract many followers, and this is difficult to complete without an organized plan for creating content or creating it randomly.

Drawing up a content plan that you will publish during a period will save you the effort of searching for the content of each video separately during this period.

2. Determine your point of distinction that will act as a magnet to attract views to your YouTube videos

Each field has many content makers on YouTube. However, there is a number that does not exceed the fingers of one hand in each field. They are the most famous and most successful of the others. Have you ever wondered about the reason for this success?

The answer lies in the style of these makers, which attracts many followers compared to others. There are those who make YouTube videos without specifying a point of distinction or difference of their own that they present in these YouTube videos. This method is a waste of time and effort.

There are many content creators in every field… What will attract the audience to you if you do not provide them with a new point of view? What drives followers to leave the giants of content makers in a field and watch the videos of a beginner? It's the different point of view he offers.

But can your point of distinction help you compete with the professionals in this field? The answer is yes, these professionals cannot provide all the information related to a field or a product, and there are always things that they do not mention either intentionally or because their views differ on providing it.

Your task is to find these things and focus on them to be your point of distinction. This point is one of the basic elements that will help you create content that is different from what other content makers offer in this field.

Your point of distinction is the main attraction that will attract the audience to you and only you. If you are having difficulty identifying this point, try to think carefully about the answer to this question: What is new that I can offer in this field?

The answer to this question may require you to watch YouTube videos that belong to the same field as your channel and discover the missing element in it, that element that you think is important to provide when providing content on this field.

For example, some people do not prefer to watch technical content that does not mention the defects of the products being reviewed. They believe that defects are present in any product, regardless of its price, and not mentioning or ignoring them detracts from the value of these YouTube videos.

Another category of viewers is looking to try products after a month or more of use or under certain conditions. Investing in digital currencies, for example, has great risks. Do any of the creators you follow mention her?

You may be one of the people looking for movie reviews that evaluate the directorial vision in it and the points of view it addresses, yet you do not find that the current content makers do that. This might be a good opportunity for you to enter this field by doing it yourself.

In conclusion, you have to find your own point of distinction that attracts a special segment of the audience that will follow you for it. Of course, the point of distinction is not the only essential element around which you will build your content, but rather it is only a competitive advantage that helps you succeed in this field.

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3. Select your YouTube video ideas smartly and on the right basis

Now that you have drawn your channel’s content plan and details, and have been able to identify your point of excellence in this field … it is time to find your YouTube video ideas.

There are several ways and sources that you can rely on to find content for your channel's YouTube videos.

A) Following up on the most famous sites and forums that publish content related to your channel field

in our current era. There is a specialized website for discussing everything related to any field of life. The field.

Following these sites and viewing their content will benefit you as a person who is passionate about this field. As for the content industry, these sites are a treasure trove of new ideas for several reasons.

These sites always discuss the most important problems and challenges of this field that are bothering its followers at the present time and do not forget that these sites often have scoops regarding new products and news in this field.

For example, some of these technical sites are able to obtain exclusive leaks of products that have not yet been released to the consumer market.

I search for the most important major sites specialized in the content of your channel and follow them constantly. I make viewing the content of these sites a daily habit that you practice, such as viewing social networking sites and your e-mail box.

Other than the sites, there are several international forums that are the source of many global ideas and international discussions in a field. The most important of these forums are Quora and Reddit. Be sure to create an account on both forums and specify your areas of interest on each of them.

Quora and Reddit alert you whenever a member asks a question related to your interests by sending a message to your e-mail, in this way you will be aware of the most popular topics in the field of your channel's content.

b) Get inspiration from your followers 

YouTube video

Your followers are the ones you provide your content to in the first place, and it is necessary to study their suggestions regarding the content they want you to discuss. Note that your audience's suggestions often stem from topics that are important in the field or are of interest to many people at the moment.

Of course, inspiration means reviewing these ideas and researching the content that can be created based on them. Audience suggestions may include ideas that are difficult to implement, inappropriate at the present time, or that do not represent the interest of the largest segment of your audience.

You can follow your audience's comments on your YouTube videos to search for new ideas and choose the ideas that a wide segment of the requests. You can also do polls in the comments or on YouTube Posts, also called Community posts.

Finally, social media platforms are an excellent way to communicate with your audience better than YouTube comments. Through your Facebook channel page or its own group, you can ask your followers about the topics that interest them most and want you to discuss them.

Inspiring your content ideas from your followers has other benefits besides facilitating your search for the content of your videos. When your followers notice that you take their suggestions into consideration, they will increase their loyalty to you and your channels, which will reflect positively on their popularity and increase their success.

C) Follow up on popular events in the field of your channel’s content (the trend)

Every once in a while, followers of a field are interested in a specific topic. This topic may be related to an annual event, a general problem, or a new product.

As a content maker, you must follow the topics that make noise in the field of your channel and create content about it. 

Note that this method is followed by most content makers. In other words, ignoring popular topics makes you tweet alone, and not in a good way.

Imagine that all technical content makers discuss newly released products, while you ignore them or discuss other products that your audience is not currently interested in. This method will negatively affect your channel, and at the very least, you may lose numerous views and followers.

Creating YouTube videos about popular content or trends has many benefits. Creating these videos means that you, as a content creator, keep up with these topics and are interested in discussing them with your audience and expressing your opinion on them.

Also, as a content creator, you are always required to search for ideas for the content of your channel’s videos, and following the trend makes this process easier for you.

When everyone interested in your field talks about a topic, this topic often interests your followers as well, so there is no point in making a YouTube video on another topic, at least for the time being.

However, it is important to follow trends related to your field only, through which you can provide benefits to your followers. Following trends in order to keep up with the general trend or to gain fame and views may negatively affect the reputation and popularity of your channel.

You can use the Google Trend tool to find out the most important trends that occupy your audience at the present time.

d) Choosing the content of your videos yourself (what you want to talk about)

Creating a Successful YouTube Video

It is important that you enjoy creating the content that you add to your channel, and sometimes this may not be available with the previous methods. Sometimes you would like to discuss a product or topic that you are interested in and would like to spread it among your audience and followers.

This method is followed by many professionals in the field of creating content on YouTube, but the matter may differ for beginners, as senior content makers in a field are sometimes the source of popular topics and trends due to their fame and many of their followers.

For beginners, creating different or unpopular content must be done with extreme caution. Creating content that your audience is not looking for or that does not fall within the circle of their primary interests in your channel field may not receive the desired interaction, and repeating this content may lose you many followers.

In any case, you can find a link between the topic you want to discuss and the area of ​​interest of your followers. You can also formulate YouTube video content that will discuss this topic in a way that may interest your followers and prompt them to watch and interact with this YouTube video.

e) Follow competitors and learn from them

Following competitors (or colleagues) in the content industry will help you in more than one way to create a successful YouTube YouTube video.

Your competitors older than you are a good source for learning and understanding the behaviors and nature of your target audience. Your competitors have made a great effort in studying the field, and therefore you can benefit from them to develop yourself and the content you provide.

Of course, we should not confuse education with imitation, because the latter has bad effects on the popularity of your channel, especially in its infancy.

Following competitors will help you discover opportunities for joint cooperation between you and them to provide distinctive content to the audience that follows you. In general, it is beneficial to establish a strong collaborative, and friendly relationship with your colleagues and competitors in the content industry.

A simple exercise

Watch a YouTube video of your favorite content creator, and try to extract the elements that contributed to your admiration for this YouTube video, is it the personality of the content creator himself and the way he displays it? Did his use of certain tools affect your liking for this YouTube video and so on?

Write down and analyze the elements you discovered Try to get to the general elements that are not related to the content, you can only be guided by the elements of the content if you intend to provide similar content on your channel.

Discovering the elements that you like in any content is an important personal guide for you as a content creator on YouTube. This is your point of view that contributes to creating a successful YouTube video that increases your channel subscribers and watches hours and generates great profits for you.

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4. Interest in YouTube SEO

 SEO or search engine optimization is a popular term in the world of improving website rankings in search engine results.

Creating a Successful YouTube Video

Like search engines, YouTube depends on its search results ranking on its own SEO, which is slightly different from its website counterpart.

As a content creator, it is important for you that your YouTube videos top the search results of users on YouTube when they search for topics that you have presented in your YouTube videos. This can be implemented by observing some of the basics of YouTube SEO.

The SEO of YouTube may need an article dedicated to discussing it. However, its most basic factors can be summarized in the following points:

a) Target a keyword when choosing your video title.

Targeting keywords is not limited to sites only but is an essential element of SEO. On YouTube, as a content creator on YouTube, always make sure to target a specific keyword to form the name of your YouTube video.

You can use famous keyword tools in the field of YouTube SEO, such as

Don't worry, using these tools is not difficult and most of them are free.

There is an important thing about using keywords in the title of your YouTube video, which is that your use of these words is natural. The natural use of keywords is by using them to form the title of your video in an understandable and clear way for your followers.

Adding keywords for the purpose of following YouTube SEO standards only without caring about creating a comprehensible title that will not achieve the desired results for you from using these words.

Regarding the YouTube video title, in general, it is always recommended to use a video title of fewer than 70 characters, so that the full title appears in the search results. You can also formulate the title in the form of a question because questions are the most used search words.

Note: We strongly recommend that you avoid using misleading titles, as this will make the visitor leave the YouTube video quickly, which will negatively affect its ranking.

b) Use appropriate keywords for your YouTube video content as Tags

YouTube content creation experts recommend using tags to let search engines know what yourYouTube video is about. Experts explain that YouTube's algorithms use tags in order to understand the content and context of your video.

This way, YouTube figures out how to link your YouTube video to similar YouTube videos, which can expand your content's reach.

Choose your tags wisely, and do not use an inappropriate tag because you think it will bring you more views, as this behavior may lead YouTube to punish you.

C) Classify your YouTube video

 Classifying your video helps YouTube to identify the field of this video, and thus display it in the appropriate format and arrangement for it, after you upload your video go to the advanced settings section and choose the appropriate classification for it.

Choosing a rating or YouTube video category after another way to combine your video with similar content on YouTube, in this way the platform will add your video to different playlists, and it will appear to more viewers who have the same interests as your audience.

d) Write an accurate description of your YouTube video

in the YouTube video description or description section. Make sure that you provide an accurate description of the content of your YouTube video. The YouTube video description should not include more than a sentence or two to clarify its content in a form that was not available in the video title.

Below the YouTube video description sentence, you can add your channel's social media pages or any other links related to its content.

Secondly, technical and technical factors related to displaying the content.

These factors relate to the nature and quality of the YouTube video that you will add to your channel. Providing distinguished content without caring about the quality of the YouTube video itself wastes your effort. Also, carefully designed videos give an impression of quality and professionalism, which contributes to increasing the number of followers of your channel.

You must make a high-quality YouTube video, otherwise, you will find this video stable on the last pages of search results.

YouTube cares a lot about how long a visitor stays on your video, and let's be clear with ourselves, no one will force themselves to watch a YouTube video with poor quality, blurry images, or unclear audio.

Now, here are the most important factors that you have to take into consideration about displaying the content of yourYouTube videos from a technical point of view:

1. Audio and video

How many times have you been unable to complete watching a YouTube video due to its poor sound quality or poor image? A lot of rights? Well, this brings you to the fore how important image and sound quality are in the process of creating a successful YouTube video.

Do not exhaust yourself by producing YouTube videos with the highest quality image and sound possible, because this may be expensive, especially at the beginning of your creation of the channel. The most important thing that you should consider regarding the sound and image of your video is that both are clear, and the youtube video in general is watchable.

2. Editing

Video editing is a necessary stage of its production. As a beginner or professional content creator, you are not required to edit YouTube videos in a cinematic way. The editing process aims primarily to produce a consistent YouTube video in terms of several factors, including

  • The sound and image are synchronized.

  • YouTube video colors are as natural as possible.

  • There are no errors in arranging content ideas the way they are presented.

  • Visual effects are added commensurate with the content (an optional step that depends on the nature of the content and the way it is presented).

You can rely on free video editing software or sites, and don't worry, most of these sites are suitable for beginners in this field.

3. Thumbnail external video image 

The image that appears to the viewer before clicking on the video or the thumbnail is considered one of the important elements of attracting followers. The images are supposed to reflect the content of the YouTube video in an innovative and attractive way.

If you provide content that discusses tangible products, it is necessary to choose images that express these products. Of course, the design of the image is closely related to the content of the channel and the YouTube video.

However, it is known that YouTubers and followers prefer YouTube videos that clearly show images related to their content.

Avoid adding images that are not related to the content of the YouTube video or images in order to attract attention only, as this behavior may lead to negative interaction, whether on the part of the followers or by YouTube itself. 

Do not worry, you do not need to have professional tools and skills to create distinctive external images, there are many tools that you can use easily, and YouTube allows you to choose an image from theYouTube videoto be the cover image of the video.

On the other hand, you have to use an image with a minimum resolution of (640 x 360) pixels, and make sure that the thumbnail looks good in both sizes.

4. Building video backlinks after publishing it

Backlinks or backlinks are among the most important factors in the rise of YouTube video in search results, and among the most important and easiest ways to obtain these links we suggest the following:

  • Embed the YouTube video in your blog or website.

  • Post the YouTube videoon social media.

5. Use YouTube Ads

You can invest some money to buy ads on YouTube. This will give your YouTube video more confidence on the part of the search engines, in addition to that, it will get a good boost from the visitors that will help it rise in the ranking of the search results.

We do not recommend starting an advertising campaign for any YouTube videounless you make sure that it is free of errors, that it contains good content, and its problem is only in reaching viewers.


In this article, we presented to you several methods used by professionals in the field of content creation in order to create a successful YouTube YouTube video. Share with us in the comments the most important things that beginners in the field of YouTube content industry should pay attention to.