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Creating a successful YouTube video is not easy, especially if you are still a beginner and do not have much experience in making successful videos.

But it is not impossible either, there are some smart strategies for creating YouTube videos, which will help you reach more viewers, increase your followers, and grow your channel.

In this article, we will talk about 15 smart strategies for creating videos for profit from YouTube

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The first strategy is: Follow the trend

the trend ends to start another trend, and there is always more, so you have to use this matter in your interest and make the trends bring you thousands of views and new followers. How?

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This is easy through keywords, which are, in short, the words that viewers are searching for, and by knowing which of them are searched heavily, you will be able to reach a larger number of viewers.

Where you can know the search volume on keywords through tools, such as

And try as much as possible to provide high-quality content that fits the trend or the keywords you are targeting, and this is in order to gain a follower and not just one view truly.

Also, following events and news related to the content of your channel will enable you to know the topics that your audience cares about at a particular time.

And so you have to be a good follower of the field you talk about in your blog, and take advantage of any opportunity to make content about anything that is gaining popularity with the audience at a particular time.

The second strategy: Shocking and striking titles.

as people judge books by their covers, they also judge videos by their titles and their Thumbnails.

So be sure to take your time to choose your video titles well so that you can attract a lot of views and sales.

For example, instead of writing the title “Profit from Affiliate Marketing” for your video, make it “How I Earned $1,000 Per Month From Affiliate Marketing.”

This made a big difference, didn't it? But be careful not to mislead the audience, use striking and shocking titles, but do not deceive your audience.

You can trick them into opening your video, but what? They will watch your video and get frustrated with it and your channel, and they won't follow you back or watch the rest of your videos.

Treat the title as a promise. When you write a title for your video or article, you are giving a promise to the viewer or reader, and you have to fulfill it.

The third strategy: making a series of videos on one topic 

One of the very successful strategies for creating YouTube videos is to choose a large topic and divide it into several smaller, interrelated topics.

Not only will this help you rank your videos and get more interested viewers, but it will also make it easier for you to set up your video content plan.

Among the most famous channels that do this is the Crash Course channel, which at the time of writing this article has achieved more than 1.7 billion views and 13.7 million subscribers.

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This channel takes a big title such as computer science, space science, or literature, and makes a series of short videos about it, and thus it has gained great fame in the fact that anyone who wants to learn any topic searches it first.

Do this too, and over time you will gain a reputation for being a reliable and good source of information, and thus you will get thousands of views and new followers, and you will make a lot of profits.

The fourth strategy: presenting something new and not expecting.

You may think that the fourth strategy of creating YouTube videos is a bit stupid, as it is expected that you will present something new that benefits the audience.

But the reality says the opposite, as you will rarely find that there is someone who provides original and useful content.

Therefore, I recommend watching many videos that revolve around the topic that you will present and then trying to present something new, whether it is information, an angle of view, simplification, or even a compilation and condensation of the information in those videos.

The fifth strategy: short videos

This strategy has proven successful in the recent period, as all platforms have become ready and encouraging for short videos, whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube.

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So you can focus on using this type of video on all platforms and benefit from it in building a large follower base as soon as possible.

Even if your videos are long, you can cut them and convert them into short videos and publish them on the aforementioned platforms.

And the advantage of short videos at this time; That you can make big profits from them, 

the sixth strategy: follow a specific pattern in your videos.

This strategy is one of the strategies for creating YouTube videos. You need to have a good audience that actually follows you.

The secret of the strategy is that people like what they are used to and can anticipate, and you can use this to your advantage if you use a specific style in your videos.

Especially if your channel is specialized in reviews, for example, and in order to bring you closer to this matter, let us imagine that you are reviewing novels on your channel.

To create a specific style for your videos, you can - no matter how different the novels are - start by talking about the author of the novel, then about the language of the novel and the nature of the character of the novel, then the plot of the novel, what is the purpose and lessons from it, and finally the advantages and disadvantages of the novel.

The seventh strategy: honesty and objectivity

The honesty and objectivity strategy is one of the most important strategies for creating YouTube videos if your niche is a product review.

I think you see a lot of reviews and articles about products before you buy them - as I do and all my acquaintances do.

And you certainly know the sites and YouTube channels whose opinions and reviews of products you trust, and you are confident that they will not mislead you.

Well, this is the seventh strategy for creating YouTube videos in our channel. Being honest and objective in your review and showing the advantages and disadvantages of real products will make your followers trust you.

Thus, your viewing numbers and followers will increase, and these followers will advise their friends to watch your videos and know your opinions about the products before purchasing them.

Of course, honesty and objectivity do not mean that you cannot market and benefit from the products, but it means that you do not mislead viewers in order to push them to buy the products.

Strategy 8: Collaborate with Celebrities and Other YouTubers

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The 8th strategy on our list for creating smart YouTube videos is to host and collaborate with other celebrities and YouTubers who have a lot of followers in your niche.

While you are preparing a video of this kind, you will gain new viewers from the followers of this celebrity who had not heard of you before.

And there are a lot of channels on YouTube now that do this in all fields, whether through videos or through podcasts that are broadcast on YouTube.

You can do this too, and all you have to do is know how to reach out to these famous people and get them to agree to appear with you.

The ninth strategy: personal videos (make yourself the center of your channel, not the content)

The ninth strategy that I recommend to you in order to create YouTube videos intelligently is to make yourself the center of your channel and your content.

Everything relates to you in some way, and you can tell a story about what you present or relate it to you, your life, or a situation that happened to you.

People love stories and get addicted to them, so if you want them to keep following you and watching you, try to give them your content the way they like it.

People also need intimacy, which is why YouTube channels for couples, families, and friends are very popular.

And you can see this in brands that are connected to people, like Elon Musk, Gary V., Tony Robbins, and more.

The tenth strategy: stories

The tenth strategy that we recommend to you in order to create YouTube videos smartly is the use of stories, which is the general strategy that one of the ways to do is what we mentioned in the ninth strategy.

I don't need to talk about stories or the storytelling skill a lot, as we live in a world based on stories and tales, and from childhood until death we get to know the world through stories.

You can take advantage of people's love and familiarity with stories to create YouTube videos, and this is by finding some narrative entry to the topic you are telling.

Storytelling is not dependent on the genre, niche, or niche of the content, but can be applied to almost anything, from teaching people plumbing and carpentry to rocket science.

Although it is a great challenge and requires relatively more effort, it will pay off, and you will see a significant increase in viewing your videos.

By the way, if you would like us to dedicate articles on storytelling, and how to use stories in marketing, tell us in the comments.

Strategy 11: What Viewers Demand

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Strategy 11 for creating YouTube videos boils down to one simple, intuitive sentence: Deliver what your viewers demand.

Yes, ask your followers what they want you to present: about the topics that interest them, the questions that they want you to answer, the information they want to verify, and the topics you covered and want more details about.

Follow their comments, see what they're telling you, encourage them, and create a communication platform that allows them to come up with episode and content ideas for you.

Many content creators do this and relieve them of the burden of searching for content that their audience likes, and you should do this too.

And in the application of this strategy, tell us, dear reader, about the topics you want us to discuss with the winners in the comments below.

Strategy Twelve: Question-Answer Videos

Recently, Q&A videos have become one of the most popular forms of video.

There are many channels that I personally follow, whether those that provide literary, scientific, sports, political, or health content, and have adopted this smart strategy to create successful videos at least monthly.

And using this type of video helps you not only to achieve views, but also to interact with your followers, and build a personal link with them.

This link makes them very loyal to you, and they are always keen to follow you, and the more these episodes are periodic, the more resonance and results you will find from these videos.

The other advantage of this strategy is that it is not tiring, that is, you will not exhaust yourself in editing the episodes, but you will publish them mostly as is.

In addition to the fact that now many platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, allow you to launch live through it and also obtain monetary contributions from followers, meaning that the topic can be very profitable for you.

Thirteenth strategy: Contests and Challenges

to make contest and challenge videos.

And if you are an avid YouTuber like me, you will find that almost all channels, regardless of their content, now adopt the strategy of competition and challenges.

And the audience loves it as well, so I highly recommend that you think about how you can implement this strategy in your channel in a way that suits your content.

One last note, you can combine the strategy of competitions and challenges with the strategy of cooperation with celebrities and YouTubers that we talked about.

The fourteenth strategy: Copy the strategies of successful channels with similar content

“imitate and imitate until you create”. As a content creator, you know very well the necessity of imitation at the beginning, because you have not yet reached your own style, and you have not realized your strengths and weaknesses.

And so you need to imitate the different methods of others in order to develop your own style and method with time and stop imitating competitors and others will come to imitate you.

This is also the case with strategies for creating YouTube videos and imitating successful video strategies in your specialty and content.

And continue like this until you reach the secrets of successful videos, and you can apply them in your videos and channel in your own style.

But be careful when applying this strategy to imitate one person or channel and become a carbon copy of it, but rather imitate several channels and people, so you will be able to benefit from this strategy, and it will bear fruit over time.

Strategy 15: Create Your Own Strategy

 Strategy 15 and the last of the YouTube video creation strategies are to trust yourself and your intuition and follow your own strategy.

Although we have provided you with 14 proven and successful strategies, you have to think outside the box to achieve great success quickly.

Therefore, we advise you to try your own ideas for yourself and see if you will succeed or fail, but rather not despair if you fail and try again, as there are no shortcuts to success and no one can guide you to them.


In this article, we have provided you with the 15 most important strategies for creating YouTube videos that will help you succeed on YouTube and will speed up the pace of your acquisition of followers and views.

We hope that you have benefited from this article, and if you have any comments or questions, ask us in the comments, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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